Born on december 7th 1997

Place of Birth: Ryttylä, Hausjärvi

Began golf at the age of 5

Home club: Hyvinkään Golf

Coach: Tapio Santala

Turned pro in the end of 2018


U21 Finnish matchplay champion 2018

Finnish junior amateur ranking 13th in 2018

Full category on Pro Golf Tour in 2020

T6 on opening competition on Pro Golf Tour in 2020

My story

I got my first touch in golf in December 1998 when I was only 1 years old. My dad was teaching me how to putt on our living room carpet. I got my green card when I was 5 years old and even back then I knew this is going to be something that I will do for a long time. My competitive career started when I was 10 years old and I remember calling my dad afterwards “daddy I wasn’t last”

Last eight years have been systematic work for my goal of becoming a successful professional golfer. We have always been building my game so I would be playing my best golf when I turn pro. And now I can say that decision has been correct. My game is finally coming together and I’m able to play some really good rounds but there’s still a lot of work to do. I`m also privileged to have a cooperation agreement with Panoramica golf in Spain to practice and play for whole year around.


My goal for the future is to get a playing right on European Tour in three to five years. My goal for the 2020 season is to keep my card on Pro Golf Tour by finishing in top 90 of the ranking and making through European Tour qualifying school’s first stage and battling for the spot in final stage.

This road is too long and hard to travel alone and that’s why I need support from people around me and especially from corporations that can help me on my journey. I’m privileged to have an amazing family and so many great people in my life that have already been able to help me onward. If you’re interested in collaboration you can send me an email to the address below!